Curtain Falls on "Art Mentor Music Gala" 2023
Date: 2023-12-31

As the curtain comes down on Art Mentor Music Gala, we would like to thank all our audiences, parents, actors, creative team and backstage crews for their support and trust.

Art Mentor Music Gala began with two sisters from 70s Hong Kong drinking a cup of "magical herbal tea". The show linked up the four original musicals of Art Mentor: The Miracle of Music, Annabelle: Guardian Angel, Butterfly Lovers, and Housemates. The first 2 performances were charity performances and the proceeds will be donated to Art Mentor Education Foundation in support of its various services. We also invite children, families, and schools, hoping to bring warmth during the winter holiday. Through Art Mentor Music Gala, Art Mentor hopes to continue to let children experience the excitement of musical theatre and express themselves through art.